Reconsidering Nixon’s China Trip in Light of Damage Done

By SEAN DURNS, Special to the Sun | February 21, 2022

President Nixon landed in Beijing 50 years ago, beginning the opening of relations between communist China and America. The move was heralded — both at the time and since — as a “master stroke” of diplomacy. Half a century later, though, its legacy...



Congress v. Trump: The Battle of the ‘Outer Perimeter’

Editorial of The New York Sun
February 20, 2022

Be careful for what one wishes. That’s our advice in the wake of a ruling by a federal judge in the Columbia district to strip President Trump of the immunity from civil litigation that the Constitution accorded America’s presidents. This January...

Belarus on Verge of Pointing Russian Nuclear Weapons at Ukraine, NATO

By CALEB LARSON, Special to the Sun
February 20, 2022

A referendum in Belarus this week will bind the country more firmly to Russia and ensure President Lukashenko’s reign for the foreseeable future, barring any unforeseen circumstances in a country where elections are neither free nor fair. Less...

Queen Tests Positive for COVID; Mild Symptoms Reported

By Associated Press
February 20, 2022

LONDON (AP) — Elizabeth tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday and is experiencing mild, cold-like symptoms, Buckingham Palace said, adding that the 95-year-old monarch would carry on working. The palace said the queen would continue with “light”...

U.S. Truckers Gear Up for Cross-Country Anti-Vaccine Protest Convoy

By SCOTT NORVELL, Special to the Sun
February 19, 2022

Just as the three-week trucker protest in Canada looks to be fizzling, drivers across the border in America are beginning to ramp up their own demonstration against vaccination requirements and other Covid-related restrictions. Calling themselves the...


Our New Man in Seoul Will Enter a Delicate Situation

By DONALD KIRK, Special to the Sun
February 18, 2022

SEOUL — After having had no ambassador to South Korea for more than a year, President Biden has tapped Philip Goldberg, whose job more than 10 years ago was to get the United Nations to enforce sanctions on North Korea. Mr. Goldberg has a long...

In the Ukraine Crisis, the West Emerges Without a Policy

By ANTONIO MARTINO, Special to the Sun
February 18, 2022

Even without a Russian invasion, Ukraine is becoming a serious international problem. I want to deal with some secondary aspects of the quagmire. Let’s start with our side of the equation, the West. On the one hand we have Europe, divided into...

Tories Are in a Tight Spot Over Fate of Boris Johnson

By STEPHEN MacLEAN, Special to the Sun
February 17, 2022

“No boasting like a fool,” Macbeth reprimands himself, “This deed I’ll do before this purpose cool.” Conservative members of parliament might consider whether such derring-do is to their advantage, as they contemplate forcing a vote of confidence in...

A South Korean Conservative’s Rise Could Overturn Seoul’s Stance on North

By DONALD KIRK, Special to the Sun
February 17, 2022

SEOUL – South Korea’s liberal government next month faces its most crucial test since the Candlelight Revolution that between 2016 and 2017 resulted in the ouster and jailing of the president’s conservative predecessor, Park Geun-hye. Under South...


Change New York’s Bail Reform Law, Not Gun Policies, Republicans Stress

By RUSSELL PAYNE, Staff Reporter of the Sun
February 4, 2022

Republicans are reacting with skepticism — and sometimes scorn — to suggestions that President Biden’s initiative on gun-control will prove effective against crime. During a visit to New York City Thursday, the president vowed to “destroy” the...

Once Seen as a Victim of Redistricting, Hochul Now May Turn Tables

By RUSSELL PAYNE, Staff Reporter of the Sun
February 3, 2022

Governor Hochul will likely sign off on a state redistricting map that will put in jeopardy the re-election prospects of four Republican members of New York’s House delegation — echoing a situation the Democratic lawmaker faced a decade ago. At the...

Police Funerals Mark a Make-or-Break Moment for Our City and Country

By LAWRENCE KUDLOW, Special to the Sun
February 2, 2022

The funeral of detective Wilbert Mora is marked another incredibly sad and tragic farewell to a cop killed in the line of duty. Detective Mora was a partner of Detective Jason Rivera, whose funeral was held last Friday. The funeral was held in a...

Democrats Add New York as a Feather in Redistricting Cap

Republicans look to be losing the national redistricting process following the 2020 Census.

By RUSSELL PAYNE, Special to the Sun
February 1, 2022

New York will likely see its Republican congressional delegation cut in half after the 2022 election cycle, part of what looks to be an unlikely win for Democrats in the national redistricting process. New York State’s Democrats yesterday put forth a...


The Appeals Court Waits for Governor Palin

Editorial of The New York Sun
February 15, 2022

If we were the Second United States Circuit Court of Appeals — a stretch to be sure — we would reject Judge Jed Rakoff’s dismissal of Governor Palin’s libel case against the New York Times and hold the judge himself in contempt of court. The whole...

The Fed Nominees: Corks on the Water 

Editorial of The New York Sun
February 14, 2022

The Senate Banking Committee is fixing to send to the full Senate tomorrow five nominees for governors of the Federal Reserve, including the chairman, Jerome Powell. The New York Sun opposes each of them (please see below). Yet our overriding concern...

Biden Bids To Pay the Taliban — by Raiding Funds Awarded to 9/11 Families

Editorial of The New York Sun
February 11, 2022

One of the most shocking developments since 9/11 is President Biden’s decision to wheel against victims of the attacks in favor of relief for the Taliban regime. Mr. Biden this morning issued an order to put $3.5 billion out of reach of a lawsuit...

Nancy Pelosi Prepares To Regulate Herself

Editorial of The New York Sun
February 10, 2022

Let us be the first American paper to come out against the measures working their way through Congress to curb the ability of members of the House and Senate to invest their own money in America’s capitalistic economy. We mention this because of a...


Clinton and Palin: The Start of a Beautiful Friendship? 

By A.R. HOFFMAN, Staff Reporter of the Sun
February 18, 2022

Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship? It might be difficult to imagine Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin walking through the fog on a runway at Casablanca. Not quite so difficult as it once might have been, though, given the latest...

Crypto Colorado: Governor Sees ‘First Digital State’

By RYAN GENDEL, Special to the Sun
February 17, 2022

The governor of Colorado is looking to create the “first digital state,” with plans to allow people to pay their taxes and buy licenses using cryptocurrency beginning this summer. Governor Jared Polis appeared on CNBC recently and unveiled his plans...

Joe Biden: Closet Republican?

By JOHN W. CHILDS, Special to the Sun
February 17, 2022

A recent Rasmussen poll discloses that about 50% of the electorate would like to impeach President Biden. The numbers include more than 30% of Democrats and upwards of 40% of independents. This is despite mostly positive coverage from the mainstream...

Fate of Trump Subpoena Set To Be Decided in New York Court

By RUSSELL PAYNE, Staff Reporter of the Sun
February 17, 2022

A state supreme court judge today will hear New York Attorney General Letitia James’s case for enforcing a subpoena against President Trump. The outcome could be a requirement that Mr. Trump appear in court and testify under oath concerning...


Don’t Judge This Film by Its Cover

By CARLOS SOUSA, Special to the Sun
February 18, 2022

“The Worst Person in the World” may come out of gray Norway but at times it feels very Hollywood, with its attractive young cast members going to parties, doing recreational drugs, and working studio-adjacent jobs like creating comic books and taking...

Ringgold’s Inspiring Faith

By A.R. HOFFMAN, Staff Reporter of the Sun
February 17, 2022

It’s doubtful that any two painters could be more superficially different than Jacques-Louis David and Faith Ringgold. David — a French man — was a painter of Paris’s power elite in the 18th and 19th centuries. Mrs. Ringgold — a black American woman...

At the Met, a Genius Draws His Way to Masterpieces of Paint

By A.R. HOFFMAN, Special to the Sun
February 16, 2022

If Athens and Jerusalem were the twin poles of the ancient world, Paris and New York have jointly defined the modern one. That makes it all the more exciting that one of the City of Light’s greatest painters of the 19th century will be in residence...

Why Movie Lovers May Want To Run, Not Walk to ‘Licorice Pizza’

By CARLOS SOUSA, Special to the Sun
February 8, 2022

With “Licorice Pizza” earning Oscar nominations today in three of the big categories — Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay — the idea that Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest is a standout in what overall was a dismal year of...