Finally, Public Glory for Hmong Americans

Editorial of The New York Sun | July 30, 2021

It is just wonderful to see the emergence of the Hmong American teenager Sunisa “Suni” Lee as the women’s individual all-around gymnastics champion at the Tokyo Olympics. Brava. She’s obviously a magnificent  athlete — and artist, noted because there is an artistic element to her sport. We don’t mind saying, though, that it’s also great to see the Hmong community into which Ms. Lee was born fetch up in the full glow of American glory.



Will Schumer ‘Go Pelosi’ on Masks? And Mysteries of the Democrats

By LAWRENCE KUDLOW, Special to the Sun
July 31, 2021

Yesterday I offered to make bail for Senator Marsha Blackburn just in case the Senate goes Pelosi and Chuck Schumer orders a mask mandate subject to arrest if you fail to follow it. Hasn’t happened yet, but you never know.

It’s the $5 Trillion Reconciliation Package That Needs To Be Stopped

By LAWRENCE KUDLOW, Special to the Sun
July 30, 2021

Apart from Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to either arrest or just do-away with Republican house members all together if they don’t wear masks, the biggest story is still the infrastructure plan approved for floor debate by 67 votes yesterday. Now, there’s a...

Beyond Bretton Woods — A New Series in the Sun

Editorial of The New York Sun
July 29, 2021

The New York Sun launches, with Judy Shelton’s op-ed this evening, a series on the 50th anniversary of the collapse of the monetary system that had been established at Bretton Woods at the end of World War II. That system, centered on America’s...

God and Money: ‘A Perfect and Just Measure Shalt Thou Have’

By JUDY SHELTON, Special to the Sun
July 29, 2021

Following begins a new series of columns marking the 50th anniversary of the collapse of the Bretton Woods gold exchange standard established in the closing months of World War II. A related editorial appears nearby.

* * *

The 50th anniversary of the collapse, on August 15, 1971, of the Bretton Woods monetary system is a momentous moment in the history of money. It should provide an occasion for thoughtful discussion focused on the road to reform, our priceless constitutional foundation, and the restoration of honest money.


Haiti After Moïse: ‘The King Is Dead, Long Live the King!’

By RAYMOND JOSEPH, Special to the Sun
July 28, 2021

The campaign to make Jovenal Moïse a national hero of Haiti is in full swing. That is the significance of the astonishing funeral accorded on Friday to the president who was gunned down in his own home as he was maneuvering to hang onto office despite...

Tunisian Tragedy: Arab Spring Just Died in the Land Where It Began

By BENNY AVNI, Special to the Sun
July 26, 2021

“At least it’s a kinda’, sorta’ democracy,” I said to a Tunisian friend several years ago. “No,” she retorted. “No one dares go to the beach wearing a bathing suit anymore. Women are denigrated. Freedoms are eroding.” My already diminished enthusiasm...

Afghanistan: Times Begs for Help Escaping Consequences of Retreat It Sought

By IRA STOLL, Special to the Sun
July 26, 2021

A coalition of American news organizations is asking President Biden, Secretary of State Blinken, and the congressional leadership for “urgent” help evacuating Afghans. “We urge the Biden Administration to support the creation of a visa program for...


Afghanistan and Iraq

Editorial of The New York Sun
July 28, 2021

By the end of the year, America will complete its combat mission in Iraq, and the Iraqis will take care of their own defense. That’s the gist of President Biden’s announcement Monday as he hosted Prime Minister al-Kadhimi at the White House. If the...

The NFL Fumbles the National Anthem  

Editorial of The New York Sun
July 25, 2021

When football season starts September 9, it will be with two national anthems — the “Star Spangled Banner” and “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” The NFL hopes this will advance its political goals. We have a hard time, though, seeing the adoption of two national anthems, one for white America and one for black America, as a unifying démarche celebrating “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” 

The Coming War Powers Debate

Editorial of The New York Sun
July 21, 2021

It’s nice to see Congress starting to think about reclaiming the foreign policy powers granted to it in the Constitution. That’s the point of a new bill just introduced by a Socialist, Bernie Sanders, a Democrat, Chris Murphy, and a Republican, Mike...


Delta Force: Restore Trump’s Twitter Account

By LAWRENCE KUDLOW, Special to the Sun
July 28, 2021

So the Centers for Disease Control has revised its mask guidance. They advise vaccinated Americans to wear masks in schools and public indoor spaces, with high transmission of the coronavirus. Betcha this creates more confusion than clarity. Doesn’t...

Woke Budgeting Emerges as More Than an Abject Failure

By LAWRENCE KUDLOW, Special to the Sun
July 24, 2021

Here we are on Friday night and let me say — go woke, go broke. According to the Congressional Budget Office, through June, total federal debt in the hands of the public is $21.7 trillion. Total debt itself, which includes intergovernmental transfers...

The $4 Trillion Forecast for Biden: ‘Go Woke, Go Broke’

By LAWRENCE KUDLOW, Special to the Sun
July 20, 2021

With all respect to President Biden — my criticisms are never personal but always based on policy — his statement yesterday on the proposals in his $4 trillion spending plan is malarky. “If we increase the availability of quality, affordable child...