Whatever Can Be Said About Biden, He’s No FDR

By CONRAD BLACK, Special to the Sun
February 23, 2021

Given my consistent but never uncritical support of President Trump and his administration and my frequent expressions of skepticism about Joe Biden over many years, it has seemed appropriate to ease gently into coverage of the new administration and...

Justice Thomas, In a Fiery Dissent, Marks Need for Election Reform

By ADELE MALPASS, Special to the Sun
February 22, 2021

The refusal of the Supreme Court to take up a challenge to Pennsylvania’s last minute changes to its ballot deadlines in the 2020 election was done without explanation by the majority. All the more clear is the case for reforming our national law on...

With Reparations, Would Obama Get A Check — Or Write One? 

A Startling Question Is Put To Congress

By IRA STOLL, Special to the Sun
February 22, 2021

Moments after I filed my column last week on a conservative case for reparations to descendants of slavery in America, the White House spokeswoman reiterated President Biden’s support for a study of the idea. That same day, the House Subcommittee on...

Paging Judge Gershon: Can New York Cut Ties to Trump?

Editorial of The New York Sun
February 21, 2021

It looks like Mayor de Blasio has flinched from abruptly closing the skating rinks operated by the Trump Organization. Hizzoner had announced they would be shut down before the Trump contract ended. It was to be a protest against President Trump’s...

Biden Might Yet Eye Reparations For U.S. Slavery

By IRA STOLL, Special to the Sun
February 17, 2021

President Biden issued both a statement and a proclamation to mark February as Black History Month. Neither text made reference to reparations for slavery, though Mr. Biden, during the presidential campaign, backed the idea of a federal commission to...


Biden Is Tested By Attack at Erbil That Injured a GI

By BENNY AVNI, Special to the Sun
February 16, 2021

Monday’s injury of an American GI and the death of one of our military contractors working with American forces at the heart of Iraqi Kurdistan should be seen as an early Iranian test of President Biden. The American president’s first, and cautious...

France Might Yet Lead the West Against Wokeism

By CONRAD BLACK, Special to the Sun
February 15, 2021

President Macron of France has now warned his countrymen of the menace of American academic and media “woke” thinking and of identity politics as a formula for social oppression and disunity. France is officially focused entirely on the integration of...

A Canadian View: Biden Stiffs a Key International Ally

By CONRAD BLACK, Special to the Sun
February 6, 2021

Canada absolutely has to retaliate for the outrageous and cavalier cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline. The millions of Canadians who celebrated President Donald Trump’s departure from the White House may start to wonder if the new era is quite...


Impeachment: McConnell’s Verdict

Editorial of The New York Sun
February 14, 2021

It is one of the ironies of the trial of President Trump on a charge of incitement of insurrection that the speech most likely to be studied by historians is that delivered after the verdict — not guilty — was brought in. It was after the Senate ordered the outcome be sent for safekeeping with the Secretary of State, and the court of impeachment was adjourned, that Senator Mitch McConnell unloaded.

Impeachment: The Surprise Witness

Editorial of The New York Sun
February 14, 2021

On the last day of the trial of President Trump, the lead prosecutor for the House, Congressman Jamie Raskin, made an unexpected move. He announced that he wanted to call a witness. The gambit panicked the Senate — it could have precipitated a raft...

Impeaching the Voters

Editorial of The New York Sun
February 12, 2021

At the heart of the case against President Trump levied this week by House prosecutors lies the violence itself — what it looked like up close, inside the Capitol. Video conveyed the intensity, danger, coarseness of language, and scent of blood that...


The Edict of Warren

By JOHN W. CHILDS, Special to the Sun
February 15, 2021

The first thing to be said about Senator Elizabeth Warren’s plan for a wealth tax — she’s promising to release the particulars soon — is that it attacks one of the pillars of American greatness. It is hard to imagine anything more un-American than an...

Heads Up, Biden: FDR Saw the Folly Of Appeasement

By CONRAD BLACK, Special to the Sun
February 11, 2021

Impeachment will likely prove the most disastrous political initiative since Richard Nixon involved himself directly in the Watergate defense strategy. Joe Biden had a perfect opportunity to be a president of unity and bipartisanship by watering down...

Biden Transition Shaping Up as a Wan Honeymoon

By CONRAD BLACK, Special to the Sun
February 9, 2021

So far, after nearly three weeks of the Biden Administration, the only aspect of the Biden campaign promises that has been fulfilled is the promise of a quieter and more normal America. This president rarely speaks to the press, does not travel around...